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About this blog …

Crazy Europeans! Damn Yankees!
Wacko Politicians!


This blog has some predominant themes:

  • Europe does not understand the Internet
  • US Corporations do not understand Europe
  • Perceptions of ISDS 1 are heavily influenced by a mythology.

The first post falls under the third theme – it relates to the recent publication of a decision in the arbitration case involving Philip Morris and Australia.

The second post is off on a tangent — high level corruption in the US and Malaysia to help the TPP along.

And then another tangent — sorry. The Australian Democrats political party gets a serve for letting the intern run the Twitter feed.

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And feel free to comment! Keep in mind that your first post will be moderated, then you’re good to go. By all means be critical, argumentative even. But please, no profanity, and no attackment 2 of the person with whom you’re having a discussion.

  1. Investor State Dispute Mechanism
  2. We often make up words here